Friday, November 30, 2007

Soles kissing

She whose feet have flown fleeing
need not leave soles of feet unkissed,
for she whose feet have flown fleeting
hath been seen sixty feet up in warm mist

playing and dancing in glee and glist
in soft woods above cabin where none see,
but one onlooking whose lips' passion kissed
soles of flying feet upon every part and pea.+

A twister of rope joins heavier one in soft thunder,
frothing on larger mountain top gently seething,
and sleep beneath eyelids from deep under
begins to see pen writing, softly breathing . . .


Friday, November 9, 2007

Megalomania you say…

     [‘Eye in the Sky’ courtesy of Tiig Ig (Keith Vanderwees)]

You have no idea, with what
few words I could disturb your
very ‘foundation’ of ‘sanity,’ leaving
you, ever unmoored from any reality.

But I stay my hand for sake of
His vengeance, not my own;
for your soul was not mine made
and cannot be unmade, not

by this hand that holds gently
most precious love, faith and
that which’s only for the abased,
the greatest exaltation of all…

…on His return for those who’ve
loved hardest, with faith among many
wolves, vipers and those you’ve duped.
“Pah!” you say, but I stand at your peril…

…in intimacy of His vengeance,
in sweet company of His love and
patience for your certain end, yet
only a few years away now…,

…by special order…, of hate your own.

--RK, 11:30pmEST, 11/4/2007