Saturday, November 2, 2013


     Inspired by Karate Kid (2010) w/Jackie Chan

Many forbade me, but Mom opened the door

silently, watching very closely, always near.
The fight was coming and I had to be ready,
ready for the defense of life, reaching within.

A few black eyes & none could take me.
I wrestled them to full Nelson without warning,
allowing them no breath, taking my time,
so they’d know I was just passing through+...

...on to deeper levels for THE... fight of my life.
In the etheric it’s a different Kung Fu.
And in this forbidden place I was established.

None would, or could, approach of the unsought,
the halt, blind & lame of flesh & mind.
The quiet early years were my strength,
which she made sure I had for my journey

beyond kill zone & ramparts of the sun...
...unto release...

--RK, 7:37pm, 11/2/2013

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