Thursday, October 31, 2013

I can't hide...

     (...not from you.)

          (Inspired by Didos Here with me & White Flag)

...but I can breathe, in my quiet corner.
You’re close, but Im far removed, tantamount to gone.
Still, so still, Im here entangled in animate glimmer.
You don't know now, but you will soon...

...that I can’t hide when I'm every when,
no place home, memories finally fading,
even the most precious ones, held so close.
Times end calls me, but I cant hide...

...not from its last moment when...
...when all things end to begin again,
this time in most utter perfection,
when nothings left of former things...

--RK, 9:41pm, 10/31/2013

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