Sunday, October 20, 2013


[Inspired by Lacuna Coil's "End of Time" &
     Evanescence's "My Immortal"]

I know why I cry, when tears can't be held.
I don't flounder, emotion discovered early.
I didn't 'play' only in my own pond.
I made emotion, at large, personal, comforting.

I was never alone, but allowed, encouraged
to go it alone to find its common thread
that most I'd ever meet would decry.
But I've known a very long time now.

Though I've been alone all along
I've plumbed depths of all emotion high,
often unto deep elation I could never share
no matter how much I wanted to.

No fears ever held me back, because I knew
exactly why I felt how I did, especially,
especially along my journey deep within,
the only 'place' I knew I'd ever find the truth.


--RK, 9:18pm, 10/14/2013

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