Saturday, October 26, 2013

Eyes of others...

     (I think you'll understand.)

     Inspired by Lacuna Coil's
        "(Your) Heaven's a Lie"

...but I've never seen them.
Words fall between ears & understanding.
How can I bridge over to the far shore,
a shore of your own you've never seen?

Eyes of others I've never seen,
not in this quiet place inside,
where I've never found another,
the same eyes that tell me

this, that or the other, unknown of them.
I've never seen them here,
here in this, this quiet place,
one like unto nothing ever seen of them.

Words fall between ears & understanding
where I find no shore of apprehension,
only an unvisited desolation of wilderness,
your own outback you've never crossed,

understanding's bright shore waiting the other side.

--RK, 10:58pm, 10/24/2013

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