Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ricochet (note to self)

Bounce not, my son, off infinity's bounds,
ricocheting across the universe, out of control,
in great control of prana you gathered to propel
you unto its ends, undiscovered, incredibly intricate,

but earnestly sought after in the Universe's confines,
confines of infinity bounded against precipice,
threshold of eternity's boundlessness close,
which you knew was there, and was why

you threw yourself across the Universe intentionally,
to reach its distant "edges," gaining momentum,
in hopes of speeding past infinity, unto eternity,
which, when finally you arrived to knock...

...opened and gathered you in, in 1970,
when third heaven's door finally opened.
My friend, bounce not again in desperation,
but in enduring hope that the door will open...,

only once more, unto paradise.

--RK, 9:39pm, 9/8/2012; 11:43pm, 10/26/2013

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