Monday, November 11, 2013

Clear again

     Inspired by Lacuna Coil's (Your) Heaven's a Lie

Trauma, recoil, understanding, response and release,
release to move on, clear again, one more time.
A pattern recognized of old, nothing new,
not under this star on this planet,

this dark planet in the dank backwoods
of a galaxy where some want to paddle faster when…
…when they hear a banjo playing on the river.
The river, a place of utter solace there, not here.

Clear again to remember my release there,
release to continue my work helping seekers,
the few seekers I've found here, hungry for truth,
nothing but truth they've never heard before,

again and again, here on this backwater planet,
in the backwoods of an incredible galaxy.
And, as Lacuna Coil plays in the background,
with you fading into dim of dark, I drive even deeper…

…for ever deeper truth unto final clarity of madness unplumbed...

--RK, 10:08pm, 11/11/2013

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