Wednesday, November 13, 2013


     Inspired by Lacuna Coil's To Myself I Turned,
          & A Moment in Time - ST-NG

…I've mastered space & time.
It means so much 'there,' beside myself.
So much treasure, I've found this golden place.
Wish you could be here, close…, touching.

But it can't be, each finds their own,
if they look at all between, between seconds,
those fleeting things allowed to pass unheeded,
rushing unhindered, breath after breath, when…

…when this day could last a thousand years,
a millennium before sundown & new beginnings,
fresh ones yet unseen from within,
within, your 'hardest' goal to reach.

It's right inside, never so far..., near.
One breath can make it stay, motionless,
almost, an hummingbird winging still, very slowly,
drinking at the face of the waterfall's slow languid play.

--RK, 11:20pm, 11/13/2013

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