Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Between the lines…, words without meaning just fade away.

     Today’s Eve has to listen to the silence that must be heard.
     I’ve tried so, so long to awaken you, but your slumber is too deep…
        “Silence must be heard…”
     It can tell you more than this ever could…

Yes, between your own lines, the ones you’ve never known,
yes, the ones you never knew existed at all…, there inside you.
Yes, between them, I found all things, all things that would
ever matter to me in my entire life, and always have. - •selah•

Your “silence must be heard,” or all is lost for you, yes,
this I know of my own time there, much spent listening keenly.
Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, for I’ve been here long,
much longer than I’ll ever be able to tell anyone in this world.

It’s okay, it’s my eternal home, where silence must be heard,
where all things can be known, but not beyond its boundary,
not deep within where no one I’ve ever known has ventured.
Yes, silence must be heard, or all will ever be lost to you.

Don’t let yourself be lost in this world’s dark oblivion,
the same black oblivion they’ve cultivated in willing ignorance,
hating truth with envious vengeance all their lost lives when,
when all could have been so vastly different for them.

I’ve tried all my life to awaken them, but their slumber,
their slumber is only unto death, destruction hidden there,
hidden ever so quietly in personal oblivion, the same never known,
when all their hearts could have hoped for… was always within.

--RK, 11:42pmEDST, 9/30/2015
     Open the door within, or ever and always be utterly lost.
     It’s not like it was never there, this I’ve always known.+

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