Saturday, October 3, 2015

Darkness turns not within

     In silence is great understanding of light+ within.
     Darkness knows no direction.+

The place you’ll be, post mortem, will be brief.
Don’t turn around…, not then…, never then.
No regrets, memory non sequitur, the past oblivion.
It’s okay, greater beckons far beyond then…, now.

Awaken & listen to the silence, closely…, keenly close,
for only it can tell what I cannot speak. - Open the door.

You’ll know what I mean, when you arrive,
there within, the “place” you’ve never seen,

until now, at death’s end, your time here, now.
You’ll know how to respond, so look up, from within.
Only then you’ll know within is all there ever was.
Never has there ever been anything else of relevance,

“there, then” or “where” all former things’re lost in oblivion.
Don’t fall with it into that which has no existence.
Darkness turns not at all, never toward the light,
nor toward truth, the only thing that ever matters,

ever mattered or ever will, from within, for it is not found,
never could be found in anything “out there,” never has.
So awaken not unto the world, but unto all else within,
the only “place” from which truth can be found unto…

…unto penultimate fulfillment of your search for it.
Remember silence must be heard…, for all else is nothing.

--RK, 10:30pmEDST, 10/3/2015
     No other door holds anything beyond its threshold.

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