Sunday, October 18, 2015

I know your dry water.

     We’ve always known why, a deep secret we keep in surety until time’s end.+

Deep and dry, I know your well,+ but you know not my sietch.+
Welcome…, rest yourself. - Accustom this place you know not.
We’re always very near, though far. ----- “As touching veins…,
we seek your shoulders, your neck, your arms, your heart.”+

Your shoulders, brittle, your neck unsupple but for envy,
jealousy, hate and murder. ----- And still you find us not.
Your heart evil, blind, finds neither sight nor seeing,
so you stab the dark…, light knowing+ nothing in you.

Stand aside for destruction which knows you, yes you…,
you who knew heaven’s light which bound life close,
bound unto truth, knowing its brilliant path, the one path
you knew from your own creation…, its deep call ignored.

Take a step back, see again the less-trodden path, within,
the only path that leads to freedom deep none can steal.
It’s yours…, once you take its first step…, from within.
No time to step away, all was clear then, no mistakes left.

Your sublime path was clear, no wavering…, no hesitation,
but in your last opportune moment…, you kept arrogance close.
Then judgment cast you down+ before Eden’s first, perfect day,
continuing in envy, jealousy and hate…, rebellion for nothing.

It would have remained yours but, for jealousy & envy, you lost all…,
all things, your name now ripped away, never to be known again.
You dared in murder. - Now envy will devour you from within.
Become destruction, Another will kindle its flame inside you.+

Your name, among many, Lucifer and all your minion, never…,
never to be remembered, forever forgotten, never again known.
Rebellion driven, your heart knew no other path but destruction.
No, we’ll not remember you ever were…, just as you intended,

envy, jealously and hatred making sure your end.+ - Amen.+

--RK, 10:40pmEDST, 10/17/2015
     We’ve known all along your whys will all go with you.

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