Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Everything to lose…

     Let me pull physical reality’s rug out from under you. - Are you afraid to die?
     I knew I’d lose everything. - I didn’t mind, because I knew it just didn’t matter.

I had always known none of it was ever my own, and
I had far deeper treasures the world would never know of.
I was content, but I knew my physical body was only a cage.
So I escaped…, very young. - I knew I had to, by age eleven.

I wonder why you still don’t know and won’t question it.
I had no questions, knowing the physical could never be all.
So I dove deep within, so very young…, leaving all behind.
It didn’t matter whether there were others. - I had to go.

There was nothing to stop me. - I knew nothing ever could.
How is it you don’t understand the physical world only
clouds clear vision of far greater reality from deep within?
How could you not know, or at least deeply suspect otherwise?

I don’t understand just how you don’t see your own quandary.
Yes, the universe has great beauty, but can never hold a candle
to what I found in the deep so early in my life…, pre-psychedelia.
But I’m glad I prepared my subconscious mind to enter its portal,

though I had no idea then how needful it was. - Afterward, all was
discovered in bright newness I knew the world would never look for.
Knowing it wouldn’t was crucial, because I knew then I could never,
ever share what I’d found…, though it is all so deeply precious.

I’ve said all this so many ways…, trying to reach someone, just one
who’ll finally hear & understand the world can never be enough.
The truth isn’t “out there” anywhere. - I’ve always known this.
Ya’ gotta’ get up, get deep & go within. - There is nowhere else.

--RK, 11:29pmEDST, 10/20/2015
     Just as Dido said, “([You]’ve) got everything to lose.”+
     Again, is anyone really listening?

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