Thursday, October 22, 2015

My resign

     “Nothing I have is truly mine.” - Dido
       Nowhere here I could ever call home. - It was locked away…, within.

My life’s for rent, but I’m not selling, nothing here my own.
No “love” for me, simple desire, the original lie, unbelieved.
Charity not lost, I pursue it deeply, no regrets…, for seekers.
Only they would understand what it all means…, deep within.

No thought of regret, I left all things…, and everyone…, behind.
Deep, great treasure was far too precious to ever lose sight of.
So I decided very young…, just eleven…, knowing very well, the path.
I knew then nothing in the world could ever convince me otherwise.

My journey deep within left life without amenity…, in my resign.
I knew, I just knew everything around me wasn’t real, not enough,
certainly never real enough for what I knew was far greater beyond.
Yes, even at eleven, I knew. - So I struck forth deep…, and high.

I knew of far greater discovery no one could keep me from finding.
My thoughts drove me deep into the journey…, none to stop me.
I had everything I needed, love for truth I received so young.
“It was just a thought, only a thought.” - My life’s not for rent.

Many I’ve found who know not its price, even for their own.
The priceless deep they care nothing for…, unconcerned.
These will only know utter loss…, until oblivion takes them.
They won’t see it coming…, their own knowing them so well.

Nothing I could do, as much as I’ve tried…, here…, now.
For many years my words have gone forth…, unto emptiness.
I left all. - Nothing here was mine nor ever my home. ----- So,
don’t lose me in the distance I stride, while you fade away.+

--RK, 10:34pmEDST, 10/22/2015
     Seek, ask & knock, but not for anything…, in this world. - •selah•

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