Saturday, October 24, 2015

No trespassing…

     “I remember. - Don’t worry…, how could I ever forget?” - Phil Collins

There’s nowhere else to go. - What’re you gonna’ do now?
I’ve had your number so long I cannot forget it, but for…
your nefarious deeds…, and lack thereof of any good.
I see your eyes dart for cover…, but I’ve taken it out.

Just stand there, nothing you can do now…, no more.
You, nor any other had ammunition at all against beyond.
Yes…, the beyond, the spiritual part beyond the universe,
totally pervasive, locally non sequitur…, devastating.

I took down your defenses+ long ago. - And ego lost its way.
Yeah, that’s right, I had seven older brothers, knuckleheads all.
Done with their egos & mine, I ended the pecking order.
Fifteen, I’d had it with them and ended all the abuse.

I had my ego under thumb, permanently…, so I could fly,
something they had never aspired to…, their loss.
Nothing I could do. - I’d surpassed their limited sight.
I had none, for I rejected all boundaries for within.

So, what now? - Demise their own doing, among others.
Yes, among many I’ve not chanced upon, until now.
That’s right, step up. - This is no award ceremony.
To every one of you, I know you cannot answer me,

but just how is it you never knew, or even looked,
within, the only place to look…, nowhere else,
no place other of truth and nothing less, all else
in darkness…, utter…, palpable in suffocating oblivion.

I know you know what you didn’t do you should have.
You left truth alone, securely anchored, thinking
it was adrift among so much flotsom, lost…, but
somehow inside you knew better…, and didn’t listen.

I wish I could help you now, but it was you who
posted “No Trespassing” signs for all passersby,
silencing all who would approach your desolation.
Your dependence on physical senses alone has finally

found utter loss, no love for truth in you at all. - •selah•+

--RK, 10:24pmEDST, 10/24/2015 - New footnotes w/pic link to live video above.
     Your problem: You think I only multiply words for naught.
     My job: Bring truth to your own undoing you signed off on.
        I knew better than to hate you before I was born.
        You eagerly took that job long before…, egos ablaze.
        Your original problem? - Mom knew you hated the truth before you+ were born.
           [Don’t worry, if you knew the “clan” I was born into+, you’d understand.]

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