Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Diminished Capacity?

     Yes, I’m almost 63, but you think I’m just a kid! - What’s wrong with you?!

I’m sorry, I guess I just don’t understand how you perceive me so decrepit.
I've written a book, my autobiography and, several years ago, a dissertation
worthy of a Master’s Degree in Homeopathy; but still you claim I have “drama.”
No…, I’m just living an otherwise normal life, “drama” driving nothing in me.

I wish I understood why anyone could think this way of me at all.
I have no “diminished capacity” by any means, rather I’m sharper than ever.
My on-line portfolio is replete of examples in depth of education & experience.
How could anyone, short of being bereft themself…, have missed this?

I know some have seen it, having actually perused my postings themselves.
It seems otherwise some have only paid lip service, thinking they understand.
Puzzlingly, the former never met me in person…, when the latter have.
So, you see what I mean, I am known of those unseen, unknown of the seen.

So, why are elders among us who had no “mid-life crisis” held in contempt?
Ahh, the young, the youth, who think they’ll live forever, assert just such,
even though all otherwise in evidence contradicts everything they believe.
So, as I stand before them, they know nothing…, but, alas, everything!

I step away, bewildered of their deep disconnect from reality…, unknown.
I watch as they fade beyond the horizon of truth’s deep grasp of reality,
the very truth they’ve never known, only physical “reality” barely touched.
Oh, I’m in touch, sharper than they know, or ever will…, them so deluded.

So, step up…, out of your darkness. - Walk with me into brilliance…, light
beyond simple brightness you’ve never known, or otherwise will never see.
It’s okay, I understand, this is all new to you. - Just let me show you.
Take my hand, in gentle touch, as I take you where you’ve never been. - •selah•+

--RK, 10:29pmEDST, 10/14/2015
     Yes, I’ve been here far longer than you may ever understand.

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