Monday, October 12, 2015

Beyond Mythical Places

     “Come to me, come to me. - I am waiting for you. - I can’t wait!”
     “Follow me, follow me, as I trip the darkness, one more time.”

          [New to me? - Not the deep, never was.]

I’ve been to them all, River Styx (ancient), Mordor (modern), and all between.
It’s not hard to survey from within what’s beyond society’s failing grasp.
They know nothing of it. - Sadly, education’s been made to fail all our youth.
But I’ve seen all the places of myth, full of ancient cobwebs, nothing new.

Beyond I found nothing faded, all things crisp, unmistakable, utterly vibrant,
no way to step aside from what I saw far beyond myth, past stories and fables.
“Follow me, follow me, as I trip the darkness one more time[…], just in time.”
And “I see beauty in everything,” beyond myth, beyond fable and blindness.

The very same blindness all have who look not deep within, the first place to go.
Only from within can all things be found that matter, no fables or myths to find,
not there. - So, “I wait for madness…, one more time…, one more time.”
Mine was deep adrenaline, not dark. - And it still shines unmistakably brilliant.

I knew no doubt of the love for truth I received so young, knowing, knowing,
knowing I could not be deceived by any at the deeper levels I passed through,
which I crossed far beyond, and none heard my steerage as they were swamped
in my wake. - Eyes wide as I quickly passed, they could only gawk, jaws agape.

I knew where I was going long before as a nuclear missile from submarine layers.
All they could do was back away and watch. - I was eighteen, Toledo’s summer 1971.
My home has never been here, not in this supposed “sane” world, the very one
which knows nothing of sanity deep I could only find far beyond, so very young.

Forget not, I know oneness and its kind threshold, beyond “madness.” - •selah•+

--RK, 7:59pmEDST, 10/12/2015 - Welcome to madness…, just in time and…
     …one more time, we go beyond madness…, familiar, not so mad at all.
     “Come to me, come to me. - I am waiting for you. - I can’t wait! - Follow me!”
          [My poems’re only here, never inside society’s black, abandoned box.]

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