Wednesday, May 6, 2015


     Neither have I an avatar.

Deliberate, slowly-paced steps, through emotions’ deep,
leaving no eddies behind, gently moving across my face,
sometimes my countenance shines bright, sometimes,
sometimes tears course down my cheeks, sometimes,

sometimes in joy, sometimes in high elation, sometimes
in molasses of sadness for what I see all around, but
I’m here to witness, to help seekers understand, that
within oneself is the first place to go and remain,

not like the world which cares nothing for within,
nor beyond itself at all. - Wherefore cometh war,
hate, murder, rape or other mad horrors men do?
Not for me to say, for in me is no such death,

not death, but brilliance of life, love for the living,
not the living dead. - I am not their emoticon,
to be bracketed away from who I am within, beyond
who they think the sound of my voice tells them.

So don’t paint me with their brush of groupthink,
thinking you know me in only seconds, you don’t.
If you would take time out to sit down and talk,
you would only learn more about you, not me.

For I lie deep in what, to most, appears as shadow,
but here is brilliance I cannot utter, ineffable,
that these words only blur and distract from.
I am your mirror, not your societal emoticon.

I never joined society, found myself within
first & have remained within since early youth.+
Did you let them make you part of them,
guiding you in their palm of hand, evil led?

I am your mirror, not your societal emoticon. - •selah•

--RK, 2:42pmEDST, 5/6/2015

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