Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Vogue of veil…

     Wake up this time, eyes closed, and open others within.

Under the veil, there’s no way to know+.
But take a peek, lifting blinders for glint.
Focus on the glint, even if only one…,
only one ray of light, because there…,

there is all you need to know, within.
It begins with focus, but before focus
be keen, keen enough to know truth,
nothing less, imagination hogtied,

ego abandoned, because neither passes,
not beyond its threshold, deep of truth.
Listen again, and again, with sharp focus,
in the keening you’ve cultivated, down deep.

Only in depths is truth found, right answers,
true answers, found only in right questions,
easily, there…, in effortless focus…, known.
Veil’s vogue all the world wants…, dead.

Awaken, listen with new senses insensate+,
unknown before opening your eyes, within.
Leave the world behind. - They'll never follow.
It’s okay to be alone there, I promise…, I was.

Belonging, all I needed, the world had none.
All I saw was deception, veil of vogue…,
vogue paramount, serving entertainment,
filling unfillable void…, leaking below,

below acuity, perception missing it all,
sliding beyond reach, reaching for more,
always more, empty, leaking, filling,
deception holding keen focus on you,

never fulfilling, always leaking, empty,
empty to begin with. - And the key…,
in your pocket, the key you’ve always had,
key to all things…, great treasure…, deep,

the same deep within you still won’t explore.
How sad, how discouraging, how tragic,
with all treasures already within you,
the place you needed go nowhere else for,

nowhere else, to find, underneath veil,
vogue engaging you in utter distraction,
from within, the only ‘place’ I knew,
that I absolutely knew, was the only door,

the only door I ever found to knock on,
which opened wide in 1970…, like none other. - *selah* +

--RK, 10:03pmEDST, 5/5/2015

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