Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Intervention of time

     Counter culture - Point-consciousness Meditation II

No, it has nothing to do with society, and that’s the point.
(I assume you’ve read my Pranayama+ posting and my
first posting about Point-consciousness Meditation.+)
I spoke of moving beyond space/time, but there’s more.

As you deepen your focus on smaller and smaller segments
of time, your vibrational level will also ramp up, necessarily.
And, in this case, I mean to incredibly high frequencies,
high enough to see light travel languidly before you.

I had already achieved originating Point-consciousness
Meditation+ by age seventeen after which I reveled
in completely altering my perception of space/time,
especially time. - When you are successful, everything,

everything changes for you, within. - So the “counter
culture” of this is counting frequencies and you are
the culture of one, inside you, changing your view,
not your world view, your entire view, from within.

It’s not a lonely place, although everyone has such times.
But everyone has the opportunity to change from inside.
There’s nothing and no one who can stop you, but
I had friends who helped me to a large extent+, outside

of my alone time spent in deep meditation, far beyond.
You need to intervene time in your life, from inside.
If you don’t, you have no idea what your missing,
because all things beyond this world await you,

there within, where all treasures of any real meaning are.
Gather experience, focus, concentrate, alert as never before.
It’s just you ramping up vibrational frequencies, one
plateau at a time, climbing Jacob’s Ladder…+, rung by rung.

There is no “reward” in the world for not going within.
It is the only destination for he who must know himself.
“To thine own self be true,” but you can’t unless you
know who you are deep within, far beyond ego & body.

There’s no one to stop you…, except you… - •Word up!•
Also, take the journey The Moody Blues’ first six albums provide.+

--RK, 1:29pmEDST, 5/19/2015
     [Important: If you haven’t yet, check out each + link above.]+

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