Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First… (click the play button)

…we go down unto depths unfathomable, beyond your ken.
Now what do you do? - You've never been here, when…
while I've been here so very, very long, waiting, watching…
…watching for your passing, wondering whether you'll show.

In hope, utterly still, I watch for you, eager for you to see…
…hoping you'll find what I've always wanted you to know,
from deep within few trod toward, inside themselves,
never to know the deepest freedom knowable, insensate…

…seared of conscience, blind, harder than blind,
in terrible unknowing, unseeing, not seeing that which…
…that which is unseeable even in depths of perception,
perception unsought, in purusha of heaven, reflecting,

heaven yet ever to be known, unfound, never sought,
never seen in midst of glory not our own, from within,
the only 'place' one could ever begin to find,
to find that which deceit knows nothing of…

…or ever will… - *selah*

--RK, 12:57am, 5/27/2014

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