Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Creator, dimensions, seeking & meditation

There is and can only be one Creator, Who created all that exists, including man and angel alike, out of that which was not as yet even nothing, simply by speaking. Our Creator does not exist; He created existence itself (though He did permanently manifest Himself into it later for us). You see, He is; which means that "being" and knowing is greater than existence and thinking. Thinking is not knowing, and neither is thought knowledge. The "I think, therefore I am," completely misses the truth; however, "To be or not to be," is much closer.
       Contrary to popular opinion (i.e., Michou Kaku, a world-renowned theoretical astrophysicist), there are only seven dimensions, not eleven (in the first major level of consciousness where matter & energy exists), and no parallel ones. You see, he left out of his mathematics the absolute that each successive dimension must be perfectly perpendicular to all dimensions below, even if perpendicularity must take on an entirely new understanding (e.g., time is perfectly perpendicular to heighth, width & depth, etc.).
       Also, those of you scientists (who are wasting a lot of our money) building "gravity wave" dectectors are wasting your time, because there is no such thing by any means. And, perhaps much to your chagrin, gravity is instant across the universe; otherwise it would completely come apart and "evaporate" back into that which neither exists nor does not exist. You see, gravity doesn't take time, but it does take space, instant across it at all times.
       The event horizon of a black hole is the cross-over "(mem-)brane" from the fourth to the fifth dimension. You can only have two axes of rotation in four dimensions, but with the greater mass & angular momentum which a black hole has, a third "axis" of rotation could only manifest in the fifth dimension (non-locational, non-durational existence), which appears mathematically to us as a "singularity."

Meditation   "The process of learning how to control
      the mind/soul (i.e., to rein it in) and its emotion/
      thought (taking its territory), to focus it, to
      concentrate and then finally learning how also
      to make it just shut up entirely and listen intently
      within (for that which this world knows nothing
      of), all in the essential context of interaction with
      the breath (not control of, a critical difference),
      after completely relaxing with a comfortable
      posture (back straight, head aligned), though
      remaining perfectly alert, always remembering
      to discriminate between imagination & true
      perception (keeping imagination silent and
      perceptions shelved for later), continuing ever
      deeper & deeper within, toward being and
      knowing beyond existence entirely."

   So, go within or go without, in every sense of that phrase. And let not others, the world at large or even yourself tell you who you are, but seek of our Creator, Who knows who you are perfectly, within. There is no greater search, than unto Him for truth, being, perfect light, knowing and understanding.

How do I know these things? Let's talk and I will show you.


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