Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Who in the hell is RK?

     Some have asked the question. - I’m young & old. - Don’t regale me.

Popeye always said, “I ’yam what I ’yam.” So what is whom?
To reach whom “I ’yam,” I must ask why and how.
Why I can’t tell you…, but I can tell you exactly how,
as I already have here in many previous postings.

Research, ya’ have to look things up to grasp knowledge.
I know you depend on Wikipedia, etc., but they don’t
ask me for definitions. - I outstripped them long ago.
I discovered definitions on my own…, long past.

So…, who in the hell is RK? My answers’re here,
in all this bloggetry I’ve spent so much time on,
much time…, for you, so you could understand and
never need to question again…, because you’ve seen,

yes…, you’ve seen what I’ve portrayed and displayed
of all that my heart earnestly desired to show you.
So, now what do you do? - I’ve pointed the right way.
And, if you don’t make the scarecrow’s right choice,

you could lose all things…, but you know that.
So, you must go within yourself…, or never…,
ever…, discover all that you’ve so longed to find.
Far more is found within than hoped for…, in faith.

Yes, I speak out hoping to steer some to the well within,
the well of truth…, the well of truth many, many miss,
yes many, many who’ve been steered away in false trust,
trust of those who have the deepest hatred of truth.

I trust none who pontificate…, who preach hate.
It’s hard to see that’s what they do…, but they do.
Believe me, I know. - My mom made sure I would.
She instilled in me what it took to discern deception,

lies that would have otherwise destroyed me.
Should I have told you what I have? - Tell me,
but be sure in your answer…, for angels do listen.
It’s all about faith…, of which the world knows nothing. - •selah•

--RK, 10:08pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 1/27/2016 — Revised 1/28/2016
     Ah yes, faith, “the substance of things hoped for,
        the evidence of things not seen.”+


  1. *Briefly* saying (((hello)))
    from one Gooober <3

    1. Hi dearest Gooober! *BigSmile* - I trust all is well with you and yours. *hugs* —RK


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