Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One question

Love, friendship, companionship, understanding;
hate, enmity, negotiation, compromise.
Decisions: full cup, empty; bereft, overflowing.
You walk in vacuum, willingly unknowing+ . . .

Ambling without compass in self-imposed boredom,
you saunter through morass of empty entrainment
without even a penny in your beggardly cup,
against the sidewalk of forever, eternity whispering . . .

I walk by slowly seeking the faintest glint
of something worth retrieving from destruction,
finding only seared conscience, waiting
for next show to fill the terrible emptiness inside . . .

swept clean, wasted time's bones strewn about,
you just outside the door, in empty denial within
you never explored while not searching for truth
and the One Who created all . . .

One question . . . Why?

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