Friday, May 25, 2007

The cable guy goes canoeing

Okay, downstream should be -10 to +5,
upstream between 40 & 50 dBmV*,
yeah, and signal to noise ratio 30 to 40.
Change those fittings & splitters, too.


No upstream here, downstream equals zero,
no sound except those of smiles
swirling paddles in elated depths,
avoiding rocks, whirlpools & the world.

An easy stream, sighing deep relief softly,
of man, canoe and quiet flowing water.
Easy breath soothed in upstream breeze.
Sandbar ahead, time to stretch legs.

No music to disturb the Rivers' canon,
'midst time stretched wide and long,
hoping for exultation riding elation,
resting on edges of eternity & home.

*deciBel milliVolts:
         (optimal signal amplitude carried by low voltage)


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