Friday, May 25, 2007

Gritting teeth

Heart surges, slowly pounding, hands trembling,
fear I hold for you, in your end,
missing forever, forever eternity,
never really having known, even time.

Your heart never kindled
desire for what cannot be seen,
never held in heart-soft crucible
in pain of joyous hope, overcoming

this world who wrest it from you.
Your heart never keened for beyond,
splashing in shallows of dead-old glee.
What happened to you after weening?

Did you not look beyond? So sad you would not
weep for the daughters untouched, unheld,
the unsuckled, sent before electrons streaming,
never given hope of hope, only lonely dreaming.

I sit now in last moments of grief
for you who would not and will not,
who stand ground on no foundation
gritting teeth against utter destruction . . .

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