Friday, May 25, 2007

Quiet road

quiet road across lake behind island in the midst
I came for you, the part of you
no one else knows, barely even yourself.
I see it, that concern you don't know
where to put, that quietly keeps your attention.

Your hope has been seen, now answered.
My being here was planned, but not by me.
Yes, there is more, a great deal more, within,
more than you've always hoped, much more.

I'm glad I met you, on your quiet road.
It's been a good thing, and I look forward
to your great joy, to see all
that you've hoped for, without words, inside.

From all that I've seen of the great tide
that first swept over me long ago
that I could never ignore, I knew
it would be for another, then and now . . .

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  1. utterly, awesomely ... beautiful ... *s*


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