Friday, May 25, 2007

For those who detract . . .

You 'think' I'm playing, as you have them believing,
'positioning' yourself against me, your podium reeking evil.
We both know it, and you dissemble to eager ears of ilk
I've dealt with before, hissing vipers, ravening wolves.

In earnest, I entered the deep ahead of you.
You never saw me until hearing swirls.
Sensing me near, you crouch, looking around.
Still not seeing me, I prepare to decapitate.+

You find yourself back in the dry place,
the dry place you hate, even preferring swine.+
Yeah, I know it's you, I saw you coming from afar,
and you still don't get it, in arrogant rebellion.

An easy battle, where you thought you had me . . .
I take a soft sigh, shaking my head.
You still can't figure it out, can you?
Well, I was way ahead of you, even back in 1970.

                  *still standing*


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