Friday, May 25, 2007

No white flags . . .

You can't understand, but you want to.
I stand falling, it's so easy...
I'm glad to know you tried, it means more
than you can know. Wish you could.

How much love can one's love have
without sharing something of oneself?
Always loved to meet people,
you understand why now, I know.

You know that song, goes like:
"I'm in love, and I always will be."*
I can no longer escape, but to reach out.
It's plain to see you can hear me.

Always...         thank you.

(It's not just music... *White Flag, by Dido)



  1. i see why you reminded me of this marvellous song ... i too will never surrender who i am (love) ... though some days (people?) rocked the boat in terrible ways ... i always used to think it was "i won't go down with this ship" but i was identifying others as the ship ... *doh ... anyhow ... a wonderful affirmation here ... thank you

  2. Shell: The lyric actually reads this way, "I will go down with this ship…" - I understand. - Thank you for your comment. --RK


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