Friday, May 25, 2007

Nevermind / Let go

      (To the fatherless child, without mother:)

Not every poem seems like the last, next to eternity,
but I'm up against the end of forever;
so listen close dear ones, others nevermind.

Nevermind they were/are always right,
no matter that thinking isn't knowing.
They lose now, and then in utter destruction.

I'm talking to all you on the fence
looking at those in the valley of decision,
wondering which way to jump, fearful.

You're "chance" better than theirs, perhaps,
but don't make the fence your home.
You know which way to go, life or destruction.

A fatherless child, without mother of truth,
you've run hither and yon, hoping for snare
of love to gather you in, but ya' gotta' let go . . .

. . . of lies and hate.

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