Friday, May 25, 2007

Fooled again+

Yeah, I watched it all from inside.
Even those who saw me, didn't see me.
Sad, isn't it? What can I say . . .
I saw all of you, sidetracked, and you missed it.

Manson,+ the war,+ hip, unhip, none the point,
which directed no intention within,
anywhere, not anywhere, where you weren't;
though you thought you were, so sad.

You didn't know me then, and most never will.
Will you see it now? Even Kent State+ didn't help.
No, it's not politics, religion, sex, even drugs.
It was all about the call from within, that

I heard in 1964, which you thought was something else.
It never was that, and you missed it entirely.
I hoped then you heard it, as I knew I had,
but you took a tangent and were carried away;

Where there was no where, still missing it.
I tried to help, but you wouldn't let me.
Rather you tried to convince me, of that
which I had set aside years before . . .

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