Friday, May 25, 2007

Run . . . !

How is it you're silent . . .   now?
You spoke long and hard, at leisure, dreaming.
I speak only a few words, and you stop.
You realize you have almost nothing, and look away.

Great treasure I've found, though not mine alone, within.
You've never sought after the one Mystery
I gave all for, nothing else worth knowing.
You gave nothing, not caring great treasure waited.

I sprinted from childhood; you still saunter through molasses.
...visited my third launchpoint today, 35 years back,
sugar-white sand then, dingy dirty now, ugly brown waves,
while seemingly mindless others wander on and off the beach.

You know where this is going, you've helped others.
I have, too. Still you won't look inside.
You think there's nothing there, but it's all there.
You have to know Him or you have nothing.

I have to walk in hope now, with faith unwavering
or all is lost. I hope I can help you,
but you gotta' reach back, deep within soon.
Time's running out, and you stand staring . . .


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