Friday, May 25, 2007


     I was young then, and now…, I still look within.

There’s a story in all this,
but if you want to hear it
instead of finding it from within,
you’ll have to talk to me.

Otherwise you swelter, swilling ignorance,
the same I found in nineteen sixty-eight
among seven older brothers, never known,
“confident” arrogance sealing their end.

What about you? Will you look?
For that which frees all hearts
who seek for it in all diligence
with overwhelming desire for nothing less.

I am here to help, but you must,
must, understand it is greater than all else,
but bring compassion, wisdom and understanding,
leaving all else behind, or lose it forever.

[Original titles: Finding It, then Losing It]

--RK, 5/25/2007

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