Friday, May 25, 2007


You think you've been everywhere,
and you think you know everywhen.
I know you have not, that you care not.
Still you swagger, unto destruction.

I have not been everywhere,
but I have been almost everywhen;
which makes all the difference.
Far from then, you can see everywhere.

You've been almost nowhere, hardly anywhen.
You look at me, with empty eyes and ears,
thinking you've seen and heard it all, but no.
Hope did not die with you; hope never knew you.

I found great hope, very early in this life,
and I knew where to go, from deep within.
But what about you, you all, who know not?
Who have never sought, that which meant most.

   --for K.Q.M.

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  1. i don't know when or where i've been ... but i learned to travel within ... hope knows me well ... consequently i've enraged virtually every soul i've met in this life though i don't get why ... this is one cornerstone for my nic on swc ... you know the other *heh

    magnificent heart-poem, friend ...


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