Friday, May 25, 2007

Quiet place of any other

university botanical park near Asheville
Amidst rest, hardly entered into,
through high doorways most know not exist,
this one couldn't help but "stumble" into,
coming out of the world, away from utter distraction,

fully intended to keep one away from
the one panoramic display of the unuttered,
unknown by anyone else, accessed only by truest seekers
who find it in elated surprise of deepest, quiet epiphany,

within, a place most know nothing of,
invisibly inlaid into a clamorous world, full
of nothing which points toward deepest truth,
this one had to leave to find, from within.

Truth, only truth, nothing less helped to find
that which could not be otherwise found
by any means, not even by the deepest
vow of silence or the most penitent,

without being without all of the world,
fully dedicated to our Creator and none
other to walk with Him in places
He would not share with another.

I hope my words tell you something,
I cannot tell you; preludes to glory,
things far deeper than this, are.


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