Friday, May 25, 2007

Disappearing feet

Went early and deep, within, gathering.
You integrated without, not noticing.
Warrior to water, let's trade secrets.
I know what you need; you know what I want.

As you make each move, is it slow enough?
Considered well? with right intention?
No, within, not with convention.
You see it in me; I see you, incomplete.

You've thought about it, and dismissed it;
but it won't stop coming to mind, unbidden.
You've always puzzled about it, just one step away.
Your feet seem to disappear when you try.

I've been long there, waiting, watching,
to see who is light enough, to rise from within.
You know what still holds you enmired;
release yourself and find depths within depths . . .

         --for martial artists

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