Thursday, January 15, 2015


     Thinking is not knowing and neither is thought knowledge, just lies.
      “Trip the darkness, one more time…”

I don’t believe you any more than you do.
Somewhere deep in the night, you and I know,
yeah, we know it’s just not true, never was,
what you continue to tell yourself, and me, too.

I know you know better, but you stubbornly refuse
to admit what we both know is true: you’re lying,
lying to the one you’ve convinced yourself to believe,
and that would be you friend. - I know it’s true.

And you know it. - What’re you gonna’ do now?
I’ve told the truth you won’t tell yourself.
If you don’t admit the veil of self-lies,
you will never let yourself pass beyond.

And if you don’t, you’ll never be able to,
continuing to believe what you know never was…
Within is there, undeniable, though you deny.
Pass through the veil now, or lose your soul,

because beyond the veil it waits, head in hands,
hoping you’ll lay aside what the world gave you,
nothing but lies, lies all this time you’ve believed.
Ya’ gotta’ wake up, for time’s end is soon away.

And one day your lies, the world’s, will be known,
and you’ll never know what’s on the other side,
far past within, within you, never explored,
when it was there inside you the whole time.

I pray the scales fall from your eyes, now.
Otherwise then, I’ll never know you ever were…

   Ya’ gotta’ “Break on through to the other side.”+

--RK, 5:02amEST, 1/15/2015
     …and thinking’s never going to let on either.
      Go within, or go without, in every sense of that phrase.

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