Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Into the dark…,

     [Into the dark, into the night, under the stars…]

…though bright here, darkness all around, I see…
And in this brightness you’re blind, unseeing…
I wish I could help you, but the scales on your eyes,
no one ever told you faith could remove them…, easily.

I’ve been here long, deep in brightness midst black.
I’m at home, no one accosts me, no one approaches.
None know I’m here, deep, deep within the utter quiet.
*shhh*…, listen, listen close, so very closely,

and you can hear it, but it…, it’s not sound in air.
Rather waves coursing through the etheric to you,
reflection, resonance, of lethal experimentation.
You know, E=mc2 but, this time,
this time,

…it’s worse, far worse. - I’ve been hearing it for a while,
from within their darkness, as they probe, high decibels
stopping us in our tracks, while we listen so closely,
intently keen to trace the source, with no etheric origin.

Still they probe, and we “hear” their soundings’ pierce,
piercing the ‘veil’ between awareness and consciousness,
but to no avail. - They don’t have the tools, the tools
of direct perception, only metal and crystal, no prana.

And so it is, they will never penetrate etheric’s veil,
because there are no yardsticks here, not where measure,
where measure is irrelevant, when it comes to the deep,
the deep of greater reality, beyond space/time, beyond

matter and energy, and not everything quantum “here”…
Go with me then, into the light, beyond emptiness in unknowable black,
while we leave their high decibel forays far, far behind in murk,
for within, within is beyond all things, past the ramparts,

ramparts of the sun, scaled in great difficulty, only at first…
- *selah*

--RK, 12:29amEST, 1/13/2015

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