Wednesday, February 24, 2016

At home in the surreal…

     Phantasmagorical it may seem, though real nevertheless.
     Nothing new here to me…, except for you, so…

…at home in this surreal, I find comfort, knowing,
yes…, truly understanding its “unreality” to others,
others who have no ken of such things…, babes.
Ancient…, nothing new under the sun to me.

Follow along, catch up…, for there is much here,
so much here to discover…, to learn, to leap from,
to leap high, deep within, the only “place” to go,
only finding rabbit trails elsewhere…, to nowhere.

Seek after the joy of deep discovery that I have…, unleashed.
See its embedded quintessential+ wisdom the world cannot know.
Understand you may be unaccompanied here…, though not alone.
Relax…, compose yourself in comfort, in peace unrealized…, for release.

Find yourself at home…, a place you’ve yet to be. - •selah•

--RK, 10:44pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 2/24/2016
     Come home to the surreal, beyond “reality.”+

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