Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Just one small glimmer…

     Will you listen…, just a little while?

Too shallow for the depths, she folded in grip of fear.
Nothing I could do…, her fear unexpected…, I stood back
as she withdrew into the blackness…, unlike the deep.

And so go many young…, sans nurture…, into the abyss,
oblivious…, for no one told them of the great light beyond.
And so they go…, lost…, unreachable…, out of sight.

So much I could have done for them, but alas…,
many of evil take hateful toll…, unwelcome,
unwelcome by the shores of the river Styx.

Still, there are many others I can help,
if they don’t discount the depths, yes,
the ones that are reachable…, real.

Somehow they think it is all fantasy,
so its deeper reality is lost to them.
If I could show them just one brief glimpse,

just one, I know I could help them. - •wan sigh•

--RK, 11:52pmEST (UT/GMT -5), 3/7/2016
     There’s so much I could tell you…, so listen
     a while for your deep home…, from within.+

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