Sunday, November 16, 2014

Like it or not…

     Yes, I found Einstein’s “message in a bottle” and you never noticed.
     I found it in
pristine condition, never discussed by any of you

I’m in the conversation, whether or not you’re listening.
In fact I’ve begun my own conversation, changing everything.
Yes, it’s too late, I’ve pulled the all-too-comfortable rug out
from under every astronomer, astrophysicist & cosmologist
on this planet. - I’d had to plow through all the nonsense,
huge amounts of it originating from unintelligible “theorizing.”

I know how I got to this point. - I realized you had no evidence.
All you had was theory, apparently just for the sake of theorizing.
I refused to waste my time with it and threw it all out, including
abandoning every one of you, baby, bathwater and all, finally.
Then unexpectedly…, after 50 years, I began to receive many
inspirations, each one building on the previous one, until…

I had a complete new paradigm of cosmology and finally
understood for the first time without any of your “help.” - Then
I couldn’t believe how ridiculous everything was I’d been hearing
from every single one of you, with the following Utube video
seeming to have been dredged up from flatlanders’ time titled,
“Strangest Anomalies in Our Universe.” - (Watch it only to waste time.)

It’s still hard for me to grasp just how far back in the dark ages
of inspirationless time today’s “scientists” really are, especially
now from all that I’ve been shown and learned about our universe.
I do understand it now and have explained it to nearly 250 others,
each one’s eyes getting bigger and bigger, telling me, “RK,
you have to write the book!” - Well, I have now, and it opens up

to anyone interested everything you ever wanted to know and
understand about astronomy and cosmology. The book has become
a celebration because I found I could explain it to anyone,
most of whom already had an innate understanding of it.
It simply had not been explained to them correctly before.
Now it has and you can have your own piece of it right here.

--RK, 7:14pmEST, 11/16/2014
     *Word up!*

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