Saturday, June 14, 2014


…am I your fantasy? - I’m not flattering myself. - It’s real.
I’ve noticed a few things you’ve posted, however subtle,
so the onus is on you to ’fess up, at least in private.

I feel like the guy behind the mirror, “Take On Me.”+
It’s okay, I don’t kiss and tell. - Sit down, relax,
lean against me, breathe softly, feel my heart beating.

It’s okay, finally home now, nothing follows you here, within.
Within you go alone, but I’m not far away at all, close.
Sit down, relax, you’ve never been closer to me here.

There’s nowhere else for us to go, within a gateway all our own.
I’ve been here a very, very long time…, waiting, watching…
…for you. - I’ve seen you coming for decades, wondering,

wondering whether you’d ever see me in this world’s murk,
its dank, dark and hiding, though not here beside me,
gently holding you close, listening to you breathe,

your heart beating now with mine, finally found in time…
…in wonder that we ever found each other in such chaos
on a world where we never thought we’d be, searching…

--RK, 9:58pmEDST, 6/14/2014

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