Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Now I’m countin’ stars…

     “Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losin’ sleep, dreamin’…”
       [Inspired by One Republic’s Counting Stars+]

I’ve swung my heart across the line to repeated discovery,
discovery of all things great, terrible in wonder,
some horrific, only to find others deeply struggling
to make sense of that which nothing can be made…

“I’ve been prayin’ hard,” wondering why, but all,
all I have to do is look, far back down time’s hallway,
yes, even unto Adam’s one day of life, to understand.
What would you have done, all first heaven at hand’s touch?

Hard to understand, understood, but such is as it was,
Adam waiting for Eve to be deceived, knowing she would,
him watching, waiting his turn to determine and decide,
then knowing difference between good and evil,

believing he would be as a god, knowing not life’s deep,
but his decision of disobedience to perfect command
brought him down under dominion with all who followed,
dominion of the first liar, Lucifer himself, deluded,

cast down, thinking his beauty should be worshipped instead.
With reluctant permission I crossed the line to discover,
not to disobey and fall unto corruption and despair but…
to learn all things and to find Him by Whom I was created,

knowing quite surely I did not create myself… - *selah*

--RK, 10:17pmEDST, 6/25/2014
  [Reformatted 12/27/2014]

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