Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Time’s pain…

…holds me not behind its veil, a false crucible I slipped through long ago.
I watch others now who’ve found the same portal yet reach not beyond.
Sad all their stories end there, never learning subjective time.
It’s easy, but no one taught them about the road within… - *selah*

They play in time’s shallows, where it slows for a hummingbird,
though never reaches beyond time’s infinite limits between
moments when the tiny hummingbird takes only slight advantage,
beating its wings only seemingly in a blur wafting above air…

…while it tenderly sips a flower’s nectar or drinks from a waterfall…
…in just a moment of time slowed for a close, precious look…
…and its deep intoxication with time held in languid, tender play,
this moment lasting a lifetime like no other moment known…+

…but only from within, unreached by them.

--RK, 1:52amEDST, 6/18/2014
   (Edited slightly 7:35pmEDST)

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