Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lost, I was not

Born into infinity, utterly lost in time, as a polyp,
most tether in place, situation of “life” only as it appears.
But I did not begin so. I knew its limits, in the matrix.
Headed home, before birth, I was perfected in expectation…+

From her matrix I was taught the deep of esoteric, beyond.
Mom knew, this twelfth of thirteen, this untethered one,
would understand. So I was put into its crucible,
the crucible of time, meditation & comfort of silence,

quiet, oh so quiet, while she cooked supper, watching.
She was comforted I would not falter finding within.
Touching my eyes, my eyes within, I was sent on my way.
It was okay, I knew ‘where’ I was going, deep within,

no one to stop me, neither man nor angel, up Jacob’s Ladder.
She knew I’d find its beginning place from quiet deep within,
which nothing can disturb in its nascent silence, ready.
And so I began in deep, confident nurture, Procyon mid-Heaven,

revisited a year before she departed unto sweet sleep,
mid-flare of Sol, southward aurora, Procyon’s rays prominent
where I stood remembering Sol rising opposite Cancer,
resplendent Capricorn set upon ascendant. - Jupiter at home,

I was headed home, before I was born, in great exultation…+

--RK, 10:23pm, 6/8/2014

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