Monday, April 27, 2015

Last wish

     Don’t worry, I’ll be here a little while longer…

So much running through my mind, not sure where to begin.
I’ve helped so many, very few who would return in thanks.
It’s been nearly ten thousand years…, in just a few decades.
Just one or two more and I’ll be gone, none to follow.

Will you understand why I was here, sent to help?
No, this is not my home. - My sky was far more,
far, far more brilliant, like next to Orion, just…,
…just the other side, unknown of Earth, or here.

Don’t let me go away, not from this dark place,
not without letting me know you heard me…, please.
But it’s okay, deep, deep within, I’ve always been…,
…home, at least since 1967, when I remembered,

when I remembered and realized I’d been sent,
sent to where it would all end in apocalypse.
My assignment: Help seekers, witness all things.
Don’t worry, it’ll all be over sooner than you think.

So you have to choose to end it all then,
or end it in purpose now, for new beginning.
It was not on me to put this choice on you.
I made my choice even before I was born, 1952.

So, my last wish, perhaps last of all wishes,
is that you, too, will choose what lies beyond,
far, far beyond for you, deep within, and where…,
where this universe…, will never be remembered. - *selah*

--RK, 1:09amEDST, 4/27/2015
     Where do all these words come from…?+

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