Friday, April 17, 2015

Onkalo 9595

     “It’s been ten thousand years…”
       …in this place of bright darkness, forbidden, forever!
            [Onkalo: a place of hiding, but not for any living thing.]

Do not enter Onkalo! - Dark & deep it is,
bright with invisible, deadly radiation.
You don’t want this place! - Leave it!
Your curiosity of it will kill you…, unkindly.

It’s okay, go away. - Do not enter!
Your forefathers knew better, and still
they wrought terrible danger, danger
to themselves and all who followed.

Go away & do not come back here, ever!
Leave it in its pit dug down deep,
for it can not cool down, not for us,
neither for you, nor until 100,000 years!

   Wipe away my tears, for I bury things I must.

“Remember, forever, to forget,” this place, unto oblivion,
  for “The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.”+

--RK, 12:09amEDST, 4/17/2015
     [In 9595 this was what only one, very small country did 7,580 years ago!]+
       A very, very, very somber opera indeed. - *selah*

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