Thursday, April 2, 2015

Paint it black…

     “She paints her eyes as black as night now…”

I know emotion. - I can paint it black or ineffable.
I know thought. - I can paint it good or evil, so…,
I’ll pull my shades down tight, for the night.
No, you don’t want to look here, not now,

because it’s too close to the truth for you.
I’m not so different, as different as I am.
So, don’t feel so uncomfortable with me.
I don’t with you, because I was taught better.

You can blame it on my mom, every day of the week.
I’m smiling, because that’s just what she intended
in how she raised me, heart to heart, unadjusted.
She always knew I’d understand…, and I did.

And without her, I never would have…, I know that.
And she knew that, which is why we both knew truth.
I’d have everyone, if I could, under her tutelage,
because she knew, she just knew, what was needed,

in my own heart and, as I saw, in others’.
No bandwagon here, but I'd not be without her.
I know emotion. - And I paint it ineffable…, or black.
I know thought. - And I paint it evil…, or good.

Your dependency never on others, only our Creator,
none other, for only He knows your heart. - *selah*+

--RK, 12:08amEDST, 4/2/2015
     “She says she talks to angels.
       Yeah, they call her out by her name.”

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