Saturday, April 11, 2015

Soul Hacker

     It’s not what you think, but…

I’ve got you comin’ and goin’…, never knowin’.
I’ve found the sub- of subliminal…, from within.
Sub-subliminally, you will never see or notice anything.
Not here to harm…, I’ve learned what I need to know.

Comes down to diligence. - *softly* - Do you have any?
No, not in this world, that’s a given…, with grace.
I speak of much, much deeper things, far, far beyond any notice.
If I have your attention…, you have to listen…, to subtleties within.

No, you can’t find me with wifi, telescopes, microscopes,
or anything else, not even psychics, empaths, microlensing
or remote sensors. - I’m far beyond those glidepaths.
Perspective from here, has made all the difference and…

there’s nothing they can do about it. - Me, the ultimate recluse.
It took a long, long time to get here, each step higher, arduous,
painful at times, with (un)important, forgiven loss, great favor,
fulfillment none other sought… and no other footsteps found, here.

So now, it’s just you and me… - I hear a train passing, close.
Can you hear it, too? - Here, only what I hear, can you hear,
If you’ve heard me, these words, few, are lost of many.
Next step yours…, way deep within, you’ve avoided,

until now. - And now you have no choice. - Step on through.
It’s not a place foreign, just deeper within you, closer to you,
unvisited, unsought, unknown and, now, next to discovery.
No one can stop you, only you. - So just one more step…,

to wonders far beyond this world’s ken, never to be known.
It’s okay, I’ve been here longer than I can tell…, Welcome.+

--RK, 12:47amEDST, 4/11/2015
     For a few, my time’s been no waste. - *soft sigh*
     “Enjoy the silence…”+

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