Thursday, April 9, 2015

Set me free…

     “Don’t believe desire, destiny of a lie.”

I watch it over and over and over again, and…,
damn, she’s so right I can’t argue. - Forget it!
The setting of the video: a church ready for renovation.
Probably the most perfect video/song combo in history.

“Don’t believe desire, destiny of a lie,” so, so true.
Notice the band members’ faces’ intensity & focus.
They know what’s going on, with no doubt whatsoever.
Breakin’ it down, frame by frame, lyric by lyric,

I’ve found nothing as intense as this for message.
So, what’s the message, desire? - No, it’s a lie.
So how’s that!? - Easy, consider your experience.
Has it really been all that deeply fulfilling?

Good question. - Procreation appropriate, sure, but…
…does it go anywhere beyond that? - *shaking head*
Listen to it again, and again, taking mental/emotional notes,
and look at her issue with new eyes you’ve not seen through,

not before, not before now. - Lacuna Coil has helped me so…,
so much, I can’t tell you. - And this is just one of their songs!
So please, please, “Set me free, set me free with your love.”
“Your heaven’s a lie.” - You’ve never seen the real one.

And I can’t truly say now that I didn’t, back in 1971…,
but I can say, “The world doesn’t have a clue…” - *selah*+

--RK, 11:24pm, 4/8/2015
     “Enjoy the Silence.”+

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