Tuesday, April 21, 2015


     I’m already there. - Have a seat.

Where I walk+, everyone has the same back door.+
No need to pick a lock, for no one has one.
I know it’s news to you, but I’m already in,
sitting on your couch near the front door.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to harm, and can’t,
but you haven’t told your story…, if you have one.
Do you? - Or have you avoided any in telling?
I mean the telling of what you (think) shouldn’t,

what shouldn’t be, because you ventured not,
not where you should’ve, inside…, waye+ deep.
I’ve had your number for ages…, eons now.
You can’t get away, for you never could.

So why…, how is it I have you cornered,
cornered in your own “house,” your place,
or so you thought, your place of comfort?
It never had comfort to offer, only hiding,

only a place to hide from the inevitable.
So, what’s inevitable, destruction or life?
You know the answer, avoided long now,
because, in envy, you’ve always hated it,

yes, the very spark of life you enjoy.
Your whole life a deathwish, now near.
Is there anything in you to step back,
back from destruction’s dire precipice?

I had always hoped, yes, but always knew,
somehow, somehow, that it could not be,
could never be, not for what you’ve,
what you’ve always chosen…, deep oblivion.

Such life you could’ve had, but rejected,
rejected in rebellion and narcissistic hate,
yourself the very Son of Perdition+, in Papacy,
sitting on murder’s throne, laughing, …fearful.

We will never hear you laugh, destroyed,
lost in oblivion you rushed headlong into,
headlong into its breach, its breach against
all that life had to offer, drawing down,

drawing down many, many with you,
unto their final destruction, your desire,
your deep desire, your hate lit in fire,
the same to bring your end, from inside you+,

even beyond forever, when we will…,
when we will never know you existed+,
nor any who never knew the garden,
the very one, where you deceived,

when you openly lied to precious Eve,
knowing Adam was waiting & also ate+.
This be only a footnote for the last,
time’s very last moment+, soon to end,

but never to be read of anyone then…+,
when lions lie down with lambs. - *selah*

--RK, 1:03amEDST, 4/21/2015
     See: Ezekiel 28:1-19

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